Jnoelle Design | Karina + Summers

Can you believe these two are cousins!?! Alice, Jordi and I did our best to work as much as possible with these girls before heading to Japan for a year. That is why you have seen so many of their photos on my feed. They are there working for Disney as princess and we were so excited for them but also bummed. This session was one of my favorites with them and I can't wait until they get back! Thank you Jnoelle Design for providing these gorgeous outfits, it made the session magical!


Finally back up and running again! I was so bummed that I lost all my blog posts but it gave me an excuse to update my website. So now that I've added as many blogs as I can and I'm excited to share this session I did with my girl Jess when I was Phoenix last year. We had soo much fun and I realized that Arizona has some amazing locations. You just have to drive far for them but it's totally worth it!