Manda + Johnny

Hey friends it's been awhile! So much has happened since the last time I blogged. I finally hit 10K on instagram and it's all thanks to you! I wouldn't be where I am today with your support so thank you. So I've decided to at least try and blog once a month and see if I can get better because I honestly forget to do it and wedding season has been crazy good for me this year. 

Summer was a good one! In July I had the chance to go and be apart of my friend KelsieEmm workshop she held in Oregon. It was a 3 day workshop and it was the most fun and best days ever especially because we got to shoot with the most amazing and adorable couple ever! Manda and Johnny are seriously some of the sweetest humans you will ever meet and they just know how to work it. What I learned has helped me appreciate what I do more and become a better at it! So if you are thinking of doing a workshop do it! It really is a game changer. 

One more thing before I forget thank you for your support and love!!!!